In a world facing the twin threats of dwindling oil reserves and climate change and in a nation where about 25% of CO2 produced comes from private cars, bikes provide an answer.

Ideal for short commutes, visiting friends, shopping trips, keeping fit, or just enjoying the countryside and having fun, the humble bicycle is more relevant today than ever before.

We believe in bikes as a means of transport and to that end we are long term financial supporters of the UK's leading sustainable transport charity, SUSTRANS who are building the national cycle network and working with communities to produce safe walking and cycling routes to schools and workplaces.

Many local families and visitors are now using the Drake's Trail linking Tavistock and Plymouth. This beautifil cycle path includes the newly reopened Grenofen Tunnel and the much-admired Gem Bridge.

At Tavistock Cycles we sell the sort of bikes, cycle equipment and clothing that will make your cycling a pleasure and encourage you to cycle regularly.

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